Joanna Komoszyńska

If there is some data engineering task to do, probably Joanna takes care of it. Besides this, she is a data scientist and has business experience in software engineering, which she uses to support the developer part of the Emognition team.

Jan Miszczyk

Jan is a software engineer, working with various wearable technologies in the Emognition project. He currently develops and maintains applications for Tizen wearables and Android smartphones.

Bartłomiej Klich

Bartłomiej is an electronics engineer in the Emognition team. He is responsible for signal processing and algorithms for determining parameters such as heart rate used in wearable health monitoring technologies.

Dzmitry Lisouski

In the Emognition team, Dzmitry is engaged in the development of the Android application. In addition, he is fond of everything related to the development of mobile devices, including games.

Vadym Liss

Vadym is working as a software developer in the Emognition team. He is responsible for various parts of the Emognition software stack, focusing primarily on our Android application.

Adam Hebko

As a future psychologist and team member, Adam will be your first contact in our project. He also deals with aspects of our everyday life such as decision-making or our perceived psycho-physical attractiveness.